Sweet potatoe cream soup with smoked goat cheese mousse GF1800 Huf
Venison soup with tarragon and forest mushrooms, potato dumplings2200 Huf
Sirloin carpaccio, baby spinach salad, pickled onion GF, LF2200 Huf
Grilled avocado, chili papaya salad, corn tortilla GF, LF1800 Huf
Roasted shrimps, aquid, fresh bread2200 Huf


Grilled salmon, beetroot potato graten, teriyaki brussels sprouts LF4600 Huf
Fried chicken breast supreme, green peas with parsley, baked potato3600 Huf
Rosé duck breast, pumpkin waffles, spicy quince3900 Huf
Roasted pork tenderloin, porcini mushrooms paprikash and strapachka 3600 Huf
Grilled pork tenderloin loin, potato noodles, roasted kale with bacon LF3600 HUf
Seafood spagetti with parsley and garlic3600 Huf
Smoked tomato gnocchi with goat cheese veil2900 Huf


Pancakes with cinnamon, apple1400 Huf
Brownie with beetroot, salted caramel1400 Huf

Bar Menu


BURGERS/CIABATTAS ( In menu with steak potato and home made tomato sauce)

Apacuka Beef Burger 2900 Huf
Vega Burger Menü2900 Huf
Duck Burger Menu2900 Huf
Burger Grilled Pork Menu2900 Huf


Hummus, Turkish salad, fresh pita1600Huf
Smoked eggplant cream1600Huf
Teriyaki toasted ribs, fried onions1600Huf
Chicken kebab on skewers, garlic and yoghurt, pita1600Huf
Tapas selection5900Huf


Caesar salad with chicken (hot)2900
Caesar salad with shrimps3300
Chef: Balázs Sepsi
Manager: Tímea János