Roasted goat cheese with citrus apricot puree, pomegranate arugula3200 Huf
Green asparagus with hollandaise sauce, bacon chips2900 Huf
Sirloin carpaccio with cherry tomato, arugula and parmesan 2900 Huf
Green asparagus cream soup with marinated mozzarella2800 Huf
Beef soup with pressed beef, pasta and vegetables3400 Huf
Roasted shrimps and squids with garlic and parsley3600Ft


Crispy baked chisken breast, green pea puree and polenta with sheep cheese4900 Huf
Rosé duck breast with potato doughnuts, raspberry balsamic beetroot5900 Huf
Grilled butter fish fillet with asparagus risotto5900 Huf
Rib Eye steak with roasted new potatoes and green beans with bacon8900 HUf
King prawns spaghetti with mussels, squid and fresh tomato sauce5900 Huf
Pork cheek stew with sheep cheese and sour cream noodles, paprika jam5400 Huf
Buttery-tomato tagliatelle with fresh burrata mozzarella and asparagus 4900 Huf
Fried pork loin, potato salad with mayonnaise and green onion4900 Huf


Coconut milk chia pudding with strawberries and almonds1800 Huf
Milk chocolate ganache with strawberry ragout1800 Huf
Cottage cheese dumplings in crumbs with sweet sour cream1800 Huf

Bar Menu

BURGERS/CIABATTAS ( In menu with steak potato and home made tomato sauce)

Apacuka Beef Burger 4300 Huf
Vega Burger Menü4300 Huf


Hummus, Turkish salad, fresh pita1900 Huf
Smoked eggplant cream1900 Huf
Teriyaki toasted ribs, fried onions1900 Huf
Gambas Pil-Pil ( roasted shrimps in garlic and cherry tomatoes )3600 Huf
Burrata from oven with tomato sauce andfresh bread2800 Huf


Caesar salad with With chicken special3900 Huf
Caesar salad with salmon stripes4900 Huf
Antipasti plate ( Parma ham, Spianata, Provolone, Camambert, ruccola, olive)4800 Huf
Chef: Ordas Zoltán
Manager: Tímea János